KENYA 2022

Scenic Viewpoint Retreat


Erin Bloom Davenport

Journey outward. Journey inward. Journey together.

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Have you ever wished there was a roadmap to guide you through life?

This is exactly what I help people create so they can welcome even more joy, fulfillment, and success.

This is the life changing experience you have been waiting for.
















The retreat is limited to the first 12 registrants.
Reserve your spot right away if you would love to join us!



In Kenya from
October 2  — October 14, 2022

Before itinerary:

Depart from your US location on September 30th, Friday
Arrive in Kenya on October 2nd, Sunday

In Kenya:

Monday: Soak in a late start to recover from travel, gather supplies at the food market while soaking in the Kenyan culture, be wowed at the Nairobi National Museum, and gather for dinner at a specially chosen restaurant. Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Tuesday:  Visit the renown African elephant sanctuary, and the famous Giraffe Centre. You might even get the chance to pet a baby elephant! Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Wednesday:  Drive down into the Great Rift Valley and see AMAZING views along the way to our hotel. Including dormant volcanoes, expansive lands, and Maasai herding their cattle. This will be an easy going day. Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Thursday:   Wake up early to explore Nakuru National Park for a safari. This park is known for it’s white and black rhino population, among many other wildlife species. This is your first taste of safari and you are going to be blown-away by nature’s beauty. Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Friday:   Head to the famous Maasai Mara Game Park for safari. This is where the well-known Great Migration occurs once a year and we are going to be there at the perfect time to see the abundance of wildlife. We will lodge within the park and enjoy a wonderful dinner and share our nightly reflections. Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Saturday:  Grab your lunch to go, rise, and shine for our full-day game drive in the Maasai Mara. This is seen as one of the best parks in Africa for spotting wildlife such as cheetahs, lions, hyenas, water buffalo, etc. Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Sunday: Take some last photographs during our Maasai Mara morning safari. After that, we will be taking it easy and relaxing. Enjoy you time!

Monday:  Devote our time to do outreach and support a project within Kenya (TBD). Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Tuesday:  Visit the Maasai with our trusted guide, Solomon Lenana. Immerse yourself in a culture of joy, beautiful beadwork, and a simple lifestyle in the remote bush of Kenya. (This is a rare opportunity) Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Wednesday:  Enjoy a late start before visiting the popular Maasai Market where you can find treasures to take home with you. Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Thursday:  Traverse to the Kitengala Glass factory to watch workers in action and see the amazing oasis they have built out of glasswork, and enjoy dinner at Habesha’s Ethioppian in downtown Nairobi. Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Friday:  Soak in a leisurely last day in Kenya! Coaching and lifework will be done during the best time available.

Arrive home on Saturday with a new perspective on life, and skills to re-pattern old habits, into new life giving habits for more success!

What we will be seeing and doing

Life coaching excercises will be threaded throughout the entire experience. There will be plenty of traveling time when you can devote yourself to mindset building exercises and diving deep so you can easily repattern old ways of approaching life. This will build a foundation as you move foward and create more personal success.

This trip includes 3 days of safari during the great migration at the Maasai Mara, and 1 full-day of safari at Nakuru National Park.

We will devote a day to connecting with a local non-profit and serving the community in simple but helpful ways that requires no special skills or talents. Just be you!

Inside the city, we will visit museums, animal orphanages, and the famous Giraffe Center if these are accepting visitors at our time of travel.

There is an art community for glass-blowing where we will visit and explore people living out their vocational passion as full-time artists.

Meet the Maasai tribe. A group of semi-nomadic people who joyfully will welcome us to their remote community, and you can enjoy the cultural experience.

And of course, we will go to popular markets so you can find souveniers to take home with you, as a reminder of your transformational experience.

Flight information:

  • Nairobi, Kenya is where you will fly into, at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
  • You will obtain your Visa before our trip or upon arrival depending on the current regulations

    Additional travel recommendations can be requested at

    Erin’s promise to you

    One of my greatest gifts is in creating unique experiences that will engage your emotional, physical, and spiritual being in a journey of self-discovery, deep realizations, and ultimately change.

    I am committed to designing a heartfelt, fun, and an emotionally safe place where you can flourish and blossom as you explore more of who you are and the life you would love to create moving forward. You can expect me to support you to be courageous and bold in your journey to express your authentic self.

    What is all-inclusive?


    In Kenya, what is included is 12 nights of lodging, 3 meals a day, transportation within Kenya, safari vehicle rentals, safari guides, vehicle needs, and ALL entrance fees to our planned activities while in Kenya are included with your registration investment. This is done to support you in focusing on your experience, and our team will take care of organizing the trip and making payments.

    You are expected to cover your flight to and from Kenya, immunizations, travelers insurance, tips, Visa, passport, medical testing in the US and Kenya for COVID, souveniers, beverages, and extra food outside of the planned group meals.

    What will the weather be in October?


    Kenya is known for it’s amazing weather since it is near the equator. Daily temperatures are consistantly in the 70’s, and nightime temperatures are in the 50’s year-round.

    Bring clothing that is easily layered such as t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, vests, and jackets. This is a better option vs. one big coat.

    Will there be COVID-19 precautions?


    Most of our time will be spent in open enrivonments and remote settings.

    Currently, there are no vaccine or testing requirements to enter Kenya or to re-enter the United States. As this is ever-changing, check out current Kenya entry requirements regarding COVID-19 below:

    Your safety is important and we will be abiding by local requirements. This conduct will be determined at the time of the retreat.

    We understand that people have a variety of beliefs concerning COVID-19 precautions, and we aim to create an atmosphere that is understanding and accepting of differing opinions and needs.

    What is the refund policy?


    Trip deposits of $1,000 are fully refundable if cancelled on or before March 1, 2022. After March 1, 2022, this deposit is not refundable.

    In addition, guests cancelling prior to May 1, 2022 will receive a full refund less the initial $1,000 deposit. Guests cancelling prior to June 1, 2022 will receive a 50% refund less the initial $1,000 deposit. Guests cancelling on or after June 1, 2022 will receive no refund of all payments towards the registration. (IN THE CASE OF TRAVEL BANS due to disasters like COVID-19, your monies will be applied towards your choice of another upcoming Kenya retreat. Your spot will be prioritized).

    What are the accomodations?


    Simple and comfortable is the goal for our guests–with a touch of luxury when it is available. We will primarily be accommodated in rustic country inns, cabins, or tented camps. Our time in Nairobi will be spent in hotel-style accommodations.

    Is it possible to have a single room?


    Most trips fees are quoted for double occupancy. You will be charged the single supplement fee if you desire single accommodations, or if you wish to have a roommate, but one is not available.

    In consideration of other guests, please consider upgrading to single accommodations if you snore heavily, use a CPAP machine, or are an erratic sleeper.

    How far in advance do I need to book my trip?


    Book as soon as you can. Spots fill up and it can also give you more time to plan your flights and other required parts of the international process.

    When is the final payment due?


    Your registration will need to be paid in full by August 1st, 2022.

    When do you recommend buying plane tickets?


    Purchase your tickets at least 3 months before your travel. Hopper is a great app that will track ticket pricing and it will suggest the best time to buy.

    What should I carry on my carry on baggage?


    We advise that you pack the following items in your carry-on luggage:

    • medications in their original, labeled containers
    • eyeglasses, contact lenses and contact lens solution
    • important documents such as a copy of your travel insurance policy, medical records, allergy information and emergency contact information
    • camera gear, memory cards and batteries
    • any valuables you bring along

    Please leave expensive jewelry at home.

    How much checked luggage can I bring?


    In general we ask trip participants to limit their gear to one large rolling duffel bag. Luggage space on van-based trips is very limited and we request you pack simple and light. Porterage is not available in many locations where we travel and you should be able to transfer your luggage from our vans or other transportation to our lodging and possibly up a stairway (possibly with a bit of assistance.) Keep it easy on yourself.

    What kind of daily schedule can I expect?


    We aim to make your retreat both productive, fun, and balanced. There will be days of mostly travel and sight seeing, and also days sprinkled with more rest and mini adventures.

    Will I have access to Wi-Fi, cell, and internet?


    Wi-Fi is available at some points during the trip, and sometimes for a fee. Cell service varies depending on your carrier and the service you have purchased. In remote locations, bringing a satellite phone with you may be the only option if you must be in contact with family or work. Satellite phones are available to rent from several online sources.

    Retreat Terms and Conditions


    To view our Terms and Conditions for this trip, click this link here.


    Erin has extensive experience as a Certified Life Coach and passionate wilderness guide leading groups on remote trips throughout Utah and Kenya, while facilitating deep inner work and life transformational activities. Erin spent 2009-2010 in Kenya as a volunteer. She has continued to visit Kenya over the past decade during her water projects, assisting medical missions, and leading group expeditions.

    Her background as a Wildlife Biologist and published photographer have also given her the unique ability to share her knowledge about the natural world and to easily capture memorable moments with her groups in the outdoors.

    Contact Erin for more retreat information

    Reach out if you have questions about accommodations, airport information, or other trip related details. We will be more than happy to support your travel needs.

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